I have created a time capsule for you that represents infinite possibilities, new beginnings and a deeper connection with the divine wisdom already inside of your heart that is waiting to be activated! 

We are living in a time where our souls are calling us into greatness and it’s time for us to answer in a big way.

The energy, the miracles, the expansion and the fun that was had at the 11/11 portal Quantum Manifestation experience and celebration was NEXT LEVEL exciting! 

One amazing attendee even manifested a trip to Maui out of thin air!

This portal represents the magic of new beginnings, infinite possibilities and your own innate wisdom. I channeled a powerful transmission to activate this portal and we captured it for you so that you can receive this magic as many times as you would like! 

Inside of this high frequency virtual experience you will:

⭐️ Rewire Your subconscious mind into more alignment with your heart and your soul and your power!

⭐️ Have the tools to write the story of where you desire to go instead of leaning on old stories that are not allowing you to receive your desired manifestations.

⭐️ Activate your authentic power so that you can BE the EMBODIMENT of your big wild dreams.

⭐️ Receive a heart opening Quantum sound bath that will connect you with your soul's most magnetic frequency showing you the next piece of your purpose and mission! 

And so much more! 

The journey we take will change the way you understand manifesting, and will open you up to fresh new intuitive ideas.

Now is the time to activate your energy and bust through old glass ceilings that have been keeping you stuck!

You have lifetime access to the magic that was captured inside of this 11/11 portal when you come into the room of this virtual experience
For any questions about this event please email: hello@suzanneadamsinc.com
For any questions about this event please email: hello@suzanneadamsinc.com
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