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The second I said yes to using my voice to share my gifts for the world everything changed for me. I’ve had the privilege and the honor to speak on stages from Tedx to Mindvalley to the American heart Association to Lulu Lemon to Fortune 500 companies and more. 

I’ve hosted my own retreats and events and led leadership trainings and speaker trainings for over seven years.

A big part of my calling and my mission is to elevate heart center leaders and visionary entrepreneurs to grow their business through the power of their voice. 

When you can speak your soul you create magnetism to expand your business, attract ideal clients and create opportunities that would’ve never existed if you hadn’t of said yes to your calling to speak.

Included in this high vibrational program and container are 6 transformational modules that teach you:

▪️ How to speak from your soul and elevate your mission.

▪️ Techniques to calm your nerves before walking on stage!

▪️ How to land paid speaking opportunities and next steps to prepare yourself once you're booked!

▪️ How to build and catapult your business through speaking both in person and virtually leading workshops and so much more.

▪️ How to craft your signature message that will be applicable to talks, workshops and stages of all kinds.

▪️How to cultivate leadership and elevate your brand through your voice.

▪️How to magnetize dream clients through your talks. 

▪️A blueprint of the tools and strategy you need to get booked regularly.

▪️ How to understand the Art of storytelling to magnetize opportunities into your life and business.

▪️ How to gain the confidence and clarity that you need to be able to speak from intimate workshops to sharing your message on the stage and reaching thousands.

▪️ The architecture of a talk and how to create magnetism that manifest opportunities as you speak.

▪️ There will be a live Zoom workshop where you get to take what you learned in this program, create a portion of your talk and Suzanne will give you coaching and workshop your talk with you live on a group Zoom call, helping to activate your speaking genius.

▪️ A 5 minute confidence boosting meditation to amplify your confidence and power and attune your energy before you click the go LIVE button or walk on a stage.

▪️ A binaural beat sound bath to open and activate your throat chakra so you can freely and effortlessly speak your soul with ease.

And as an exciting bonus, you will have an entire year access to the program! (Including when Suzanne runs the program again live!) 

This program is for you if:

✨ You want to speak confidently on stages both in person and virtually. (Including going live on social media.)

✨ You desire to expand your reach and attract more clients through your voice and your story.

✨You would love to know how to get paid and booked to speak.

✨You feel a calling to share your story and your voice but you aren’t sure on exactly how to do that.

✨You want to create, grow or scale the speaking aspect of your brand, business or mission.

✨You would love to know how to craft your signature message.

✨You want to magnetically attract more abundance and create more impact in your brand, business and mission. 

Imagine yourself speaking on stages like this...

Some wins of a few of Suzanne's clients who implemented speaking their soul

As a seasoned speaker who has taken the mic on NBC, The CW, and Fox—as well as on stages ranging from TEDx, Mindvalley, The American Heart Association, Lulu Lemon, and many more—Suzanne Adams is creating a powerful ripple of inspiration and positivity.

In addition to being a sought after speaker, Suzanne is a bestselling author, transformational coach and strategist. She has impacted millions through her speaking, books, events and programs across the globe.

Suzanne is a thought leader in the field of personnel development, manifesting and leadership and is on a mission to help you reach your highest potential and attract your dreams!
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